Please read full report — safety first. 

The time has come!  Our plowed ice road will be open upon sunrise (7:30 AM) on Saturday, December 9th.  We will ONLY be allowing ATVs, side-by-sides, and snowmobiles hauling portables.  Road passes are required and available for purchase in our lodge. 

The water clarity is great!  Our road will go out 1.5 miles total — in 16-24′ of water.  We WILL have a RED MARKER HOUSE on our road — do not go past this.  Please stay to our staked trail, as these are the areas our hardworking ice guides have checked. 

Please DO NOT go west of our road or past the marker house — the ice may be very thin and inconsistent.  Once again, we cannot stress enough the importance of staying on our marked trail and following our guidelines. 

Let’s get this season rolling!  Good luck and most importantly, stay safe!  We invite you to join us in our lodge — warm up, grab some grub, and tell us about your day on the ice!