We have great news, our ice road will officially be open on Friday, 11/30/18.

We will be allowing snowmobiles, sides by sides, ATVs and portables on our road. Road passes will be available for purchase in the lodge.

We STRONGLY advise that you follow the staked road and do not venture out on anything that is mot marked, as there are still some spots that are not safe. We have anywhere from 9-12″ pf ice and our road is plowed out roughly 1 mile.

Fishing’s been good in 16-21′ and the water clarity is great!

The lodge will also be opening on Friday, 11/30/18, at 6:30 AM. We will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Stop by the lodge after fishing to warm up to grab a bite to eat. See you soon and good luck fishing!